/Paul Ramirez
President and Chief Operating Officer

Presentation Title: Virtual Asset Management

Paul Ramirez

President and Chief Operating Officer
Unmanned Ad-Hoc Industries

Paul Ramirez is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Unmanned Ad-Hoc Industries. He plans and directs the corporate vision and strategy to lead UAI to the forefront of the emerging remote data gathering industry.

He has been responsible and involved with numerous unmanned system design engineering and integration efforts including end-to-end system certification which resulted in successful system deployments with the U.S. and foreign Navy’s. Mr. Ramirez was previously named as the senior maritime integration subject matter expert at Insitu, Inc., a Boeing owned subsidiary, which develops, operates and manufactures the ScanEagle and Integrator Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) on a worldwide scale. Combined with the operational intelligence expertise of his corporate team, UAI is poised to leverage its past performance and experience to bring an Intelligent Data Collection “IDC” processes and methodology to their valued clients who realize the benefits of safer, more efficient and economical operations.