/James D. “Jim” Stear, PhD
Consultant Ocean Engineer

James D. “Jim” Stear, PhD

Consultant Ocean Engineer
Chevron Energy Technology Company

Jim Stear joined Chevron in San Ramon in 1998, and has since worked on a wide range of offshore projects around the globe, providing metocean, structural and offshore operations consultation and support.  His first efforts focused on resolving issues with the performance of the production and export risers of the Genesis spar in 1999, working with full-scale measurements and then-novel numerical methods to predict fatigue lives and provide support for system modifications.   Following the 2004-2005 Gulf of Mexico hurricane seasons, Jim led API efforts to revise industry design criteria and chaired the development of RP 2MET, receiving a U.S. MMS Corporate Leadership Award in recognition of his service.  Since 2008 he has served as the metocean group leader within Chevron Energy Technology Company, transferring to Houston in 2014.  While Jim focuses on offshore environment hazard issues, he continues to consult within Chevron on structural / floating system performance issues.  In 2015 he was named chairman of API Subcommittee 2 Offshore Structures, and in that role has been championing industry efforts to develop a new suite of API standards for integrity management of floating production systems, the first drafts of which were delivered in June 2017.  He is a member of SNAME, ASCE and SPE, and has published over a dozen papers on subjects ranging from the analysis of deep-water risers to hurricane-Loop Current interaction.  Jim holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering (BSc, MSc) and Civil and Environmental Engineering (PhD).