/Jack Leahey
Vice President Sales

Jack Leahey

Vice President Sales

Leahey is responsible AVEVA’s sales for South America and North America Marine and Oil & Gas businesses. Previous Jack served as Vice President for global sales and service delivery for 8over8 which was acquired by AVEVA. Jack brings 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and Process and Power industries. Previously Leahey was responsible for global sales at ARES PRISM and global business development of Rolta’s Engineering, Oil & Gas and Utilities verticals. Eleven of his thirty years of experience were spent at Aspen Technology (1993-2004) where he joined the company in the pre-public stage and helped grow the company to $350M. After Aspen, Jack worked to build up two different startup companies; one in the environmental area and the other in the Product Life Cycle Management. Leahey worked at NASA, Morton Thiokol, Tektronics, and Hewlett Packard before joining AspenTech. Leahey holds a BS in chemistry with a minor in computer science (Berry College), and a MS in physical chemistry (University of Alabama at Huntsville).