/Capt. Joshua Reynolds
USCG District 8 Outer Continental Shelf OCMI

Capt. Joshua Reynolds

Chief of D8 Outer Continental Shelf Division and OCMi for Production and Drilling Units in the Gulf of Mexico
U.S. Coast Guard

Capt. Reynolds began his career in Naval Engineering with assignments as an engineer on Coast Guard cutter and a ship superintendent at the CG Yard. He became a Marine Safety Engineer in 1999 after graduation from Georgia Institute of Technology with an Electrical Power and Controls Master’s Degree. He had several Marine Safety Center and Headquarters assignments where he was able to advance regulatory, policy and training improvements for offshore units. His previous assignment was Chief of the Eighth District (D8) Prevention Division and his current assignment is the Chief of D8 Outer Continental Shelf Division and OCMI for Production and Drilling units in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a brand new position, created by final rule published on April 15, 2015.”