/Andy Wolford

Andy Wolford

Risknology, Inc.

Dr. Wolford is founder and President of Risknology, Inc., a company specializing in risk analysis of facilities in the oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation and power industries.  He is an accomplished risk engineer with 30 years’ experience.  He has directed risk assessments on a diverse range of facilities including; hundreds of offshore oil and gas production units, mobile offshore drilling units, onshore oil and gas facilities, marine and land-based transportation systems, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear fuel processing plants, nuclear power and test reactors, and the Space Shuttle.  Prior to founding Risknology, Dr. Wolford held positions at MIT, Battelle Laboratories, Science Applications International Corporation, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, DNV and ABS.  Dr. Wolford combines his extensive background in Physics, Engineering and Statistical Analysis to approach the evaluation of risk in a systematic framework.  He is known for his facilitation skills, his ability to communicate technical risk concepts in clear and understandable terms and his authenticity.  His recent interests include; oil spill risk, floating LNG and unmanned deepwater production.